30 August 2007

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10 July 2007

Eye-ball to eye-ball

"Still have a lot of room for improvement." Mickey said to me.
"When we said eye contact, we are not asking you to scan the room, that's face contact." Reply Mickey.
"You should look into their eye-balls! That's the real eye contact!"

Mickey have corrected me once again, when stand in front of others, I should look into at people eye-balls, for 2-3 seconds. Thats what eye-contact mean. After that move to another corner. Another 2-3 seconds.

28 June 2007

How to make technical training more interesting.

My boss is giving Oracle SQL and PL/SQL tuning workshop right now and I feel pretty boring. I am right now sitting at one corner here figuring out how to make technical heavy training more interesting. Here are a few tips which I can think of:

1. Think of the audience first!
My boss just talking away in front and never bother about the students in front! The students with thier laptop in front just surfing away. I think my boss explaination is just too technical. He should put less technical material, like something easier to be understood. This will lighten up the presentation.

2. Have discussion group.
Should have some case study or discussion group going. Have the groups discuss various ways of solving a problem.

3. Prepare well before the presentation or carry on...
My boss is doing all the last minute diagnosing on the problem during presentation, which I think is no good. Should prepare well first.

27 June 2007

How to drive a car safely using what I learn from public speaking.

I always believe I should learn how to apply what I learn from a subject on to another subject. Main reason is I like to save money and time! No need to spend money and time on Safety Driving.

1. Start Early.
I always encourage my members to prepare their speech early. Same goes to driving a car, especially in Malaysia! The reason is because you got to save a lot of time, where there are less traffic. Less traffic meaning less accidents, of course doesn't mean you have to start speeding! Maintain a reasonable speed.

2. Know your audience.
It's always important to know your audience, how to read their facial expression while you are making a speech.
When you're driving a car, you don't read the driver's facial expression, because their are not facing directly at you! What you can do is to read the reaction of the cars in front of you. This will normally give you a rough idea on how challenging the traffic in front of you.

3. Practise, Practise and Practise!
What do you do if you suddenly cannot say a single word from your speech? What if you have an accident when making a speech or driving a car? A good speaker and a good driver shoule always anticipate what will happen next while drivine the speech or car, that's why you need a lot of practise! Practice you driving skill on the road all the time on not so crowded places. Practice side parking and 'L' parking, whenever possible.

4. Visualising
A good speaker always visualize the entire speech. Where should I pause. How long should I stop. What kind of gestures should I give. Same goes to driving a car. One need to know the route to the destination. What is the condition of the road. Which lane should I keep when I reach this part of the town. Which gear should I turn to when I am negotiating this curve. Should visualize this before you start driving.

21 June 2007

How to get people to meet up by using what I learn from public speaking

I always found it difficult to get people to meet up. What you normally do? I try to apply what I learn from Toastmasters to counter my challenge.

1. Know your audience.

What the people that you going to meet up like? What's thier favourite way of meeting up? Are they quiet people? Do they like to surf the net the whole day? Do they like to meet up face to face?

2. Know your meeting place.

Where they prefer to meet up? Near a place where no need to pay for parking? Fast Food restaurant where you can get a quick bite immediately? Or just the local mamak stall?

3. Don't ever give them a choice. You decide the topic!

Hey! When you are giving a speech, do you ask for the audience what you wanna talk about? You don't do that lah! So you are the one who is going to make choices for them! Influence them with your skills!

Downgrading from Wira 1.5 to Myvi 1.3

Why I come to this toasmaster meeting, is purely coincidence. I just bought a manual car last week.
All the while I was driving my automatic transmission Wira 1.5 since 1999. Last week, I bought a Myvi 1.3, manual transmission. I am trying to adapt myself back to manual by doing a lot of practise on the road.
While passing by this area, I hit a lot of traffic, and I am horrify with the traffic. My self-confidence starting to drop tremendously! I need to boost my self-confidence and I happen to know around this area, there's a club meeting tonight! That's the most perfect place to boost my confidence!

That's why I am here! :D

20 June 2007

Eyeballs and Dog Sense

Called Pris from SCTMC.
Pris: Yeah! I would really like to come to your club, as an evaluator, but currently my work is really up to my eyeballs!

Me: Well, you still have your eye brows, forehead, and some hair left. Not that bad!
Pris: Wow! You are an IT Consultant! You must be very intelligent!

Me: Not really. You need to have a lot of common sense.

Pris: Well, I bet I can't become one because I don't have these senses! I only got cow sense.

Me: You don't need cow sense! All you need to have are orang utan sense, camel sense, and panda sense to become a good programmer.

How my Granny wake me up when I was young

Don't feel like get out of bed this few mornings. The weather is so cold, just don't feel like getting up!

I remember when I was young, when I don't feel like getting up in the morning, my granny wil use all her might to pull me off the bed!

This morning I feel the same thing again...

How I get up this morning? I just imagine my granny pull me out of the bed. It's works for me! That's how the power of visualisation works!

19 June 2007

Learn Something New Everyday

Had lunch with an ex-colleague and husband 2 days ago, Syl and Mat.

Mat just move to another company recently.

Mat: ...I just resigned from my previous job, and move to an oil company, because there are no career advancement for me there. I don't have anything to do. Most of the employees there just sit around and do nothing...

If I am Mat, I definitely will not leave the company but starts to 'chase my dreams' during my free time in the company. That's what Do some self studying. I am trying to do this in my current workplace.

I regret I never did this when I was in my 20's. Wasted a lot of precious time doing nothing, especially in my first company.

I remember when I was in my 20s, a few of my seniors, in their 30s and 40s, always give me advice, never waste my time but I never listen to them.

Now, when I am in my 30s, I finally realized what they meant. If we want be become successful, we need to advance in our life! We need to take up challengers, to become a better person everyday; continue learning something new everyday.